Things to do in Mount Gambier

Things to do in Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is located in South Australia near the border of Victoria. This place is famous for it’s collection of sinkholes, lakes and the experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. Start your Limestone Coast itinerary in the gorgeous Cape Jaffa for a night or two before heading down to Mount Gambier to discover one of South Australia’s hiddem gems.

Mount Gambier’s Umpherston Sinkhole

The Umpherston Sinkhole is one of Mount Gambier’s most famous attractions. Mount Gambier is most noteably known for it’s incredible collection of sinkholes in the area and this one is not to miss! Start by walking through a scenic park till you get to the viewing platform at the top, then walk down into the sinkhole and stroll through the beautiful plants and flowers. If you go in the evening you’ll probably even see a possum or two!

📷 from Richard Lin

Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake

What’s a trip to Mount Gambier if you didn’t visit the Blue Lake? This iconic South Australian landmark is one of the craters of the Maar Volcano. The lake has a very dinstinctive super saturated blue / turquoise blue colour and the site has a rich history which you can learn about on site. Speaking of, there is a 3.6km road and walking track which takes you around the circumference of the Blue Lake where you’l have many amazing views that are Instagram worthy.

📷 from Richard Lin

Mount Gambier’s Mount Schank walking trail

This hike takes you around the rim of Mt Schank, a famous walking trail beloved by Mount Gambier locals. You can experience panoramic views into the crater and the stunning views that Gambier has to offer. This place is actually a dormant volcano, that errupted 4,500 years ago making it an absolutely facinating hike.

📷 from Wikimedia Commons

Mount Gambier’s Cave Garden

Located in the centre of Mount Gambier’s city, the Cave Garden is a sinkhole that is unique and well worth a visit. The viewing platform hangs over the sinkhole and during rain there is an incredible waterfall that pours into it. During the evening the Cave Garden puts on a Light Show with Aboriginal Dreamtime stories so be sure to add this to your Mount Gambier Itinerary.

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Centenary Tower in Mount Gambier

The Centenary Tower offers absolutely incredible panoramic views of the town of Mount Gambier and the greater region. Sitting at around 200 metres above sea levels you’ll see rolling valleys, the towns in the area and the unique volcanic landscape. This lookout is the most popular viewpoints and makes for a great morning walk to watch the sunrise over the gorgeous hills and scenery.

📷 by City of Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier’s Valley Lake Wildlife Park

This cute conservation park and boardwalk has a range of indigenous flora and wildlife in the park. Take a stroll and enjoy the beatiful nature, flowers, plants and find an emu, birdlife, and kangaroo or two! This place is a great visit for families and people looking to spend some time outside. With picnic areas and outdoor barbecue grills this is a great place to set up for packed lunch.

📷 by Melissa Keizer

Wineries of the Limestone Coast

Mount Gambier and the surrounding regions are actually home to some incredible wineries. South Australia is famous for its great wines and this region is no different to the likes of McLaren Vale and the Barossa. The tastes are completely different due to the location, different soil and proximity to the ocean. With wineries like Herbert Vineyard, Caroline Hills Winery, Coola Road, Noski Wines and wineries closer to Cape Jaffa like Cape Jaffa Wines, Ralph Fowler Wines, Wangolina Station and Norfolk Rise; you’re bound to have plenty of options for wineries and vineyards in Mount Gambier.

Mount Gambier’s Sinkholes

If you’re a freediver or scuba diver then Mount Gambier is an absolute gem. Freediving, snorkelling and diving has endless opportunities along the coast but what makes Mount Gambier so special is the sinkholes. One of, if not the most famous, is Kilsby Sinkhole. This sinkhole is absolutely incredible and unlike anything else you’ll see. You can book a tour to snorkel or to just walk down and enter the sinkhole. If you are interested in freediving there are a few tour providers offering multi-day freediving tours of this sinkhole. Other sinkholes to visit and swim in include the Little Blue Lake, Ewens Ponds and Piccaninnie Ponds.

📷 by Kilsby Sinkhole

Caroline Sinkhole

Speaking of sinkholes, the Caroline sinkhole is a hidden gem in Mount Gambier. Not known by many, but well worth a visit, the sinkhole has a suspended platform near the carpark on Carba Road. This sinkhole can be found in Penambol Conservation Park so if you’re into geology or discover facinating and unique places; put this on your list!

📷 by Audrey from Weekend Notes

Mount Gambier’s Echo Farm

Echo Farm is a goregous farm in Mount Gambier that’s perfect for families! With adorable animals like sheep, turkeys, bunnies, peacocks, donkeys, horses, pigs, goats, emus, kangaroos, guinea pigs, ducks, chickens and cattle; your kids will love it! You’re bound to have a great day on the farm and it’s such a fun activity for the whole family.

📷 by Sam Carter

Go to jail?! Mount Gambier’s Gaol

Ever wanted to go to jail? Well you can. Instead of staying in a hotel or Airbnb, why not experience something completely new and spend a night at the Old Mount Gambier Gaol. Rich with history, but renovated beautifully, this accommodation is unlike any other.

📷 by The Old Mount Gambier Gaol

Engelbrecht Cave in Mount Gambier

Another cave? Yes that’s right. Mount Gambier is full of caves and sinkholes due to its facinating ecology. The Engelbrecht Cave is one of the most stunning caves in Mount Gambier and even a popular spot for spot for scuba divers! With a cafe on site, be sure to stop there for lunch and experience something you can’t find anywhere else!

📷 from Wikimedia Commons

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